Ep71: Stop “making sense” & start being TRUE to yourself

Episode Summary Today’s episode is an activation; an invitation for you to start living in deeper alignment with your truth, instead of diluting your message, playing small or playing it safe in any way to avoid other people’s judgement, rejection or projections. In this solo episode, I dive into: Letting go of making sense and […]

Ep70: Financial Sovereignty and Holistic Wealth – with Leah Steele

Episode Summary In today’s episode I am joined by Leah Steele, a Holistic Wealth Strategist, Paradigm Shifter, Author and Host of the podcast “The Wealth Witch Podcast”. She supports spiritual entrepreneurs to do necessary healing and implement the necessary strategies to be financially well resourced, and her work has been seen on Forbes, Los Angeles […]

Ep69: Returning to wholeness and reconnecting to the unseen realms – with Hellè Weston

Episode Summary In today’s episode I am joined by Hellè Weston, an Intuitive Coach, Mentor and Co-founder of the Owaken Breathwork. Her unique inside out approach supports sensitive visionaries and creatives to increase their impact in the world by prioritising personal alignment and leading with intuition. In this conversation, we dive deep into: The journey […]

Ep68: Outgrowing the “good girl” programming – with Holly Toronto

Episode Summary In today’s episode I am joined by Holly Toronto, a Master Coach specialised in helping women to stop prioritising other people’s expectations of beauty, belief and behaviour so they can live their life from a place of wholeness, fully aligned with the truth of who they are. In this conversation, we dive deep […]

Ep66: The Rising of the Feminine – with Amy Natalie

Episode Summary In today’s episode I am joined by Amy Natalie, a Women’s Empowerment Coach and a “Leader of the Feminine Rising”. She supports women to overcome mindset blocks and get into alignment with their soul, and she is also the host of the amazing podcast called “Feminine Frequency”. In this conversation, we dive deep […]

Ep65: Sacred Union – with Christine Hassler and Stefanos Sifandos

Episode Summary In today’s episode I am joined by Master Coaches Christine Hassler and Stefanos Sifandos, to speak about Sacred Union. We dive deep into: The meaning of “Sacred Union Relationships” What Sacred Union is NOT How to prepare ourselves for sacred union relationships Cultivating sacred union in an existing relationship Challenges and expectations in […]

Ep64: The 7 Feminine Embodiment Principles

Episode Summary Today’s episode has been highly requested by so many of you! These 7 Feminine Embodiment Principles are a compilation of some of the most important pieces we get to work on, as I have noticed after a decade of deep dive into my own personal work and growth as well as my work […]

Ep63: Deception and Manipulation in the name of “Service”

Episode Summary Today’s episode is for all Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Teachers, Healers, Visioners, Speakers, Authors and People that want to make a change in our world through support and service. In this conversation, I dive into: Aligning every action and decision with your values. Creating a better world through every thought, word and action. Different ways […]

Ep62: Rebuilding Society and Leadership from the inside out – with Luke Kohen

Episode Summary In today’s episode I am joined by Luke Kohen, A Conscious Leader, Speaker, Artist, Poet and Ecopreneur, with over a decade of experience empowering individuals, groups and mentoring emerging leaders, founders and change makers. In this conversation, we dive deep into: Different models and structures that society gets to adopt if we want […]