#82 10 Lessons I learnt from my Dad through his life and death

Episode Summary In this deeply intimate and heartfelt episode, I pay tribute to the life and passing of my father, sharing some of the profound wisdom and lessons that he bestowed upon me. These invaluable insights transcend my personal experience and offer guidance for all of us to lead a richer, more compassionate, and empowered […]

#81 Reclaiming your sensuality and feeling safer S3xually

Episode Summary In this week’s episode we dive into sensuality and how you can reconnect with your true sensual self, free of shame and full of reverence. Sensuality is all about experiencing life through your senses, and contrary to popular belief it isn’t necessarily related to sexuality. Hence why in this episode we explore what […]

#79 The Art of Surrender: Let go of control and start living your life FULLY

Episode Summary In this episode, we explore the profound practice of true surrender and its transformative impact on our lives. There is so much more to surrender than what we usually hear about. So many nuances about the subtle invitations we receive, to renounce our habit of trying to control and micromanage life, to start opening ourselves up to […]

#78 Powerful 4 step process to get over comparison and jealousy, and take your power back

Episode Summary In this potent episode, I share with you a simple, yet life-altering four-step process to overcome comparison and jealousy and reclaim your personal power. We unpack the roots of comparison, jealousy and disempowerment and discuss the imbalance that occurs when our energy is focused outward rather than inward, and how to focus back […]

#77 Ask like a Priestess, not a beggar. Receivership and Sacred Reciprocity.

Episode Summary In this episode, we explore the power of asking for what we desire from a place of empowerment and self-worth, embodying the energy of the Priestess rather than a beggar. By embracing the sacred law of reciprocity and shifting our mindset to recognise our inherent deservingness, we open ourselves to align with the […]

#76 Your Orgasms Heal The World! Serving from Freedom vs. Martydom

Episode Summary In this episode, we get curious around what else is possible in leadership and service when you change your context around it. I believe that your aliveness and joy are your biggest offerings to the world; that your orgasms and laughter ALSO contribute to humanity and that sacrificing yourself for others is not […]

#74 The TRUTH about LOVE that set me FREE

Episode Summary In this episode, I share with you the truth about love that set me free. It is a truly powerful transmission, and something that truly transformed my life..the way I feel as a woman, as a human, as a lover, as a partner, and how I show up in relationships. It is perhaps […]