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#79 The Art of Surrender: Let go of control and start living your life FULLY

Episode Summary

In this episode, we explore the profound practice of true surrender and its transformative impact on our lives. There is so much more to surrender than what we usually hear about. So many nuances about the subtle invitations we receive, to renounce our habit of trying to control and micromanage life, to start opening ourselves up to more grace, more love, more abundance and more miracles with more ease.

That is surrender. When we let go of thinking “I know better… I’ve got the answers. This shouldn’t happen the way it’s happening. I should rehearse everything before it happens so that I can control the situation”.. when we can let go of all of that, and really humble ourselves to the truth, which is, we can’t control shit.”

In this solo episode, I dive into:

  •  Letting go of the desire for control and receiving surrender (2:29)

  •  Accepting the truth: embracing the uncontrollable nature of life (9:11)

  •  Building trust in the natural flow of life (13:38)

  • Surrender as meeting life fully in the present moment (19:51)

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