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#73 What the F is “Embodiment Work”? Juicy, simple ways to understand trauma, somatics and nervous-system

Episode Summary

In this episode, we dive into all things embodiment, nervous system regulation, trauma, somatics, and integration. While these terms may feel like trendy “buzzwords” nowadays, they are deeply significant to gain a greater understanding of ourselves, our patterns and our limitations as well as great guiding pillars in our healing journey, and they speak to the foundation of many subjects we will explore in future podcast episodes at Let HER Lead Podcast.

We will demystify and break down these concepts in an easy-to-understand and digestible way, to support you to deepen your understanding of trauma, embodiment, nervous-system and somatic work as well as why these are such a big deals in our lives and something we will refer to so often, at Let HER Lead Podcast.

“We can try to move forward by learning concepts by telling ourselves a new story by positively affirming what we want. However, yes, we are spirit. Yes, we are mind, but we are also flesh.”

In this solo episode, I dive into:

  • What is embodiment? (3:36)
  • Understanding the nervous system (7:13)
  • Breaking down trauma (8:59)
  • What is somatic work? (10:51)
  • The body & it’s default settings (22:44)
  • Integration is key to long-term, lasting shifts (30:49)

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