My name is Sigrid Tasies

I help entrepreneurs tap into their infinite potential by bridging spirituality and business to bring more depth to their leadership.

I am a Conscious Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author of “Intimacy Within”, Host of the Podcast “Sacred Leadership” and Medicine Woman.

And as an expert in the integration of purpose and success, I works with world leaders who are ready up-level their game in life, leadership and business through amplifying their self-awareness; deepening their spiritual connection and re-defining success to create their own version of success.

I do so with my online -1 on 1 and group- coaching programs; live workshops and retreats and influential online presence, I support leaders from all over the world that desire to create bigger impact and profit from a space of anchored purpose and true fulfilment.

My journey in this path began 6 years ago, when I first suffered from anxiety. I had a corporate job and lived the 9 to 5 city life (in Barcelona!) that I thought made sense, yet found myself to be quite unhappy.

Then anxiety appeared to change my life; raising a red flag that forced me to have a deep look at everything I was doing and the calling I was avoiding, and start living the life I dreamed of.

Thanks to investing in working with a Life Coach at the time and diving very deep ever since within myself, helped by different Coaching modalities (NLP, transpersonal coaching, buddhist psychology, somatic experiencing ) as well as various spiritual rituals and practices (breath work, plant medicine, yoga and meditation, esoteric wisdom) I went from having a corporate job I completely disliked; suffering from anxiety, having very unhealthy emotional attachments and second-guessing myself a lot (to say the least), to moving to Australia and living what I consider my dream life: feeling deeply fulfilled and in alignment, having built a successful Coaching business that allows me to travel the world doing what I am most passionate about; creating a positive impact and big ripple effect in the world and having a close and healthy relationship with myself, my health & wealth and my personal relationships.

For the past +3 years I have also worked very closely with plant medicine, travelling to sit with these master teachers and learning how to support others to create sacred space within their lives and businesses, too.

I believe the end of suffering in this world will come through the awakening of each one of us; and this world needs as many conscious leaders as possible, more than ever. Leaders that are anchored in their purpose; showing up fearless in their integrity and commitment; those who are ready to connect to something bigger than themselves and really create an impact. And I stand for a world where we get to have it all; success and purpose. Alignment and income.

None of what I have created – both within myself and within this world- would have been possible without the connection I have built to myself and to Source; through endless studies, ceremonies and masterminds.

This is why I support leaders that too want to create a positive impact in the world, bridge spirituality and business in order to build powerful leadership. Because with the necessary tools and strategies, and a clear connection to our true purpose, we become unstoppable.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your connection to yourself and deepen your spiritual connection, in order to live a more fulfilled life and create a bigger impact in the world whilst generating more results than ever before, get in touch and let’s discover if I am the Coach for you.


Kind words and Testimonials

Preston Smiles
Author, International Speaker, Personal Freedom Coach

“Sigrid is a Powerhouse Coach and someone who’s deeply in integrity, and is so immersed in the work that she lives it at all times. Her way of being and loving and her way of understanding and waving between spirituality and the default world and connecting the two, is like no other. If you’re thinking about working with her, the answer is YES. This woman is the real deal.”

Alexi Panos
Best-Selling Author, Coach, Philanthropist & Speaker

“If you have a chance to work with Sigrid, do it. She is an incredible human being that is deeply, deeply in integrity with the work.
She is a powerhouse and deeply dropped in. She is like Mother Nature; such a safe and sacred space.
She is an extraordinary woman who is up to amazing things. I cannot wait to see what her work can do for you!

Emily Gallagher
Founder of Conscious Boss, Philanthropist, Podcast Host

Sigrid is one of these women that I aspire to be more like.
She is a powerful stand for all of us to embody more love in the world; to live a life that is truly full. She is truly an embodiment of the work.
If you are thinking about working with her I would absolutely recommend it. I could not stand by her work any more.”

“Sigrid was able to help me in five million ways and more; working with her is truly the best decision I’ve made in my life. Since I’ve been working with her 1 on 1 my business is soaring. I have reached and even exceeded all of my goals. Our work has been a mixed of both the business work as the emotional healing and it’s truly been such a game changer for me.
I highly recommend working with her. If you are considering it… Don’t even consider it, just DO IT!”

Gina Ciccaglione. Holistic Health Coach.

The time I’ve spent working with Sigrid has been without a doubt the most productive self work I have done thus far on my journey. Once I connected with Sigrid it’s like I saw the light. She just made everything click for me.

I have done so many retreats and read several books, and continued to do on-going therapy and have worked with several other coaches, but the time that I spent working with Sigrid I learnt so much more about myself; she is a true ray of light in this world and an awesome listener.

I can’t emphasise it enough, the time that I’ve spent with Sigrid has been truly amazing, she has transformed my life 110%.

Anna Cauffman, Marketing Manager at Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui