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I am Sigrid Tasies

…and beyond labels and achievements check-lists, I want to share with you who I am:

A woman with a deep desire for truth and freedom; a really deep love for all beings and our planet, and a relentless commitment to living beyond all self-imposed and perceived limitations.

Whether I am coaching, hosting retreats and immersion events, speaking, hosting my podcast, writing, creating content or art… I do all of it with the same intention: Contributing to our collective liberation and embodiment of our true potential.

The Embodied Feminine

I see feminine embodied leadership playing such a big role in humanity waking up to our true, divine potential.
Because when a woman can remember her worth, know her place and trust herself… She remembers her wholeness.
And when women remember they are whole, they are able to 
nurture the world back into wholeness.

I believe we all deserve to live in a world where we are in harmony with one another and with the Earth. To live in abundance and access our ultimate potential in all areas of our lives.

- Sigrid Tasies

Born in Barcelona, lived in the Dominican Republic.

I spent my primary school years in the Dominican Republic.

Travelled solo to Africa at the age of 18.

Visiting several villages and orphanages and contributing however I could!

Worked in corporate and stayed unhappy for years.

I learnt a lot from that experience, and I taught myself how to speak fluent English, Portuguese, Italian and some French and Bahasa (my mother tongues are Catalan and Spanish).

Went through a wrecking break up that opened an emotional Pandora's box for me.

My anxiety began to skyrocket and life became really challenging!

Hired my first coach and realised I had choices.

I travelled solo to Indonesia and started surfing!

Quit my corporate job and moved to Australia.

Did whatever it took to sustain the lifestyle of *freedom* I had dreamt of for years - worked at cafes and bars, as a nanny and even cleaned toilets!

Became a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and later started my journey as a Coach and Entrepreneur.

Grew my coaching organisation from 0 to 6 figures through extreme burnout.

Published a book!

I’m currently in the process of writing my second book.

Travelled the world to attend all sorts of ceremonies.

Sat in hundreds of ceremonies with indigenous elders and spiritual leaders from different traditions, which totally changed my life and leadership!

Started running workshops and public speaking across the globe.

Hosting in-person events, facilitating and speaking are big passions of it.

Continued investing in coaching and became a Master Coach!

Forever a student, I travelled the world supporting at Embodiment and Leadership trainings and continuing to study. I also 3x my coaching organisation with more spaciousness and alignment than ever!

Attended Burning Man and soon after released my podcast Sacred Leaders!

Committed to bringing more playfulness, pleasure and fun into my life!

Met my partner Brad.

We live in paradise, in the middle of the forest just a few minutes by the ocean… We love it here!

Created the Sacred Leaders Foundation Non-For-Profit.

I shifted my focus to prioritising this, and we have been supporting the Earth and humanity with our projects ever since!

To be continued…

Living my best life!

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