For the leader ready to
embody her deepest

  • Freedom
  • Power
  • Pleasure
  • Radiance

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I believe in a world...

Where women believe in themselves enough to know they no longer need to hustle for their place. A world where women are truly aware of their power and act accordingly.

Where women have deeply come home to themselves and are their own source of authority and fulfillment; where they LIVE, LOVE and LEAD from an integrated and embodied place of true power and true abundance.

A world where women have reclaimed their pleasure and their intuitive gifts, and where we walk alongside each other instead of racing one another to the top of “eternal dissatisfaction mountain”.

When women remember their worth and feel safe in their bodies, they remember their wholeness.
And when women remember we are whole, we’ll be able to bring our world back to wholeness.

From this space, business is done differently.
Relationships are done differently.

We carry ourselves differently once we’ve dared to put our armor shields down.

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Welcome Love,
I am
Sigrid Tasies

And I am glad you found your way here! I am an Embodiment Master Coach, Trauma Informed Facilitator, Author, Podcast Host and Medicine Woman. I am incredibly passionate about supporting women to LIVE, LOVE and LEAD from deep embodiment, freedom, pleasure and true abundance. To create a life and legacy they’re deeply fulfilled by. In my Private Mentorships, Group Coaching Programs, International Retreats and Workshops I do this by merging a wide variety of coaching and ancient healing modalities such as Somatic Embodiment Work, Nervous-System Regulation, Breathwork, Movement and Shamanic Healing, which are woven throughout my signature method, The HER Method.

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Ready to Live, Love and Lead from a space of deep embodiment, freedom, pleasure, true abundance and power?

 Join me for conversations around feminine embodiment, pleasure and sensuality, ancient wisdom and spirituality, somatic healing, personal freedom, feminine leadership and conscious entrepreneurship. Discover how to bring more depth and fulfilment to your life, relationships and legacy from a space of internal wholeness and deep purpose.

In this podcast you will find powerful tools, stories and practices that can truly transform your life, relationships and leadership from the inside out.

Listen to my podcast

Ready to Live, Love and Lead from a space of deep embodiment, freedom, pleasure, true abundance and power?

In this podcast you’ll find powerful tools, deeply insightful conversations, success strategies and Q&A sessions that will transform your life and leadership from the inside out.

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