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#82 10 Lessons I learnt from my Dad through his life and death

Episode Summary

In this deeply intimate and heartfelt episode, I pay tribute to the life and passing of my father, sharing some of the profound wisdom and lessons that he bestowed upon me. These invaluable insights transcend my personal experience and offer guidance for all of us to lead a richer, more compassionate, and empowered life.

“At the end of the day, you’re only taking with you what you’ve enjoyed. So do not forget to enjoy your life. I know that my father lived his life. So even though he died so young.. he was only 62.. he lived his life. He enjoyed, he travelled around the world, he had crazy adventures. He didn’t die just saving for his retirement. He didn’t die just waiting to spend the points in his credit card, the miles. He didn’t die waiting for the trip of his life to happen. He didn’t wait. He lived his life.”

  • In this solo episode I will share lessons, through stories – a memoir if you will – honouring a life fully lived:
  • A lesson that literally saved my life (5:22)

  • The True Power of Small Details (12:16)

  • How to welcome in MAGIC (15:53)

  • Life as a Canvas of Artistry (20:19)

  • Authenticity in Expression (25:24)

  • Embracing Life for the Joy of Living (30:23)

  • The Key to Living Liberated and Regret-Free Life (36:55)

  • What True Community Offers Us (44:51)

  • Embracing Enjoyment as Life’s Ultimate Currency (52:10)

  • Being a Stand for Your Desires (55:41)

As I look back on my father’s life and legacy, I am filled with gratitude for the profound impact he had on shaping who I am today. This episode serves as both a homage to his remarkable spirit and an invitation for all of us to incorporate these cherished lessons into our lives. Even though I would have so much more to share about this now that more months have passed since his death, my prayer is that this memoir may serve as a powerful testament to the significance of living authentically, embracing every moment, and standing unwaveringly for what you desire, and give you some powerful reminders to lead you there too.

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