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#78 Powerful 4 step process to get over comparison and jealousy, and take your power back

Episode Summary

In this potent episode, I share with you a simple, yet life-altering four-step process to overcome comparison and jealousy and reclaim your personal power. We unpack the roots of comparison, jealousy and disempowerment and discuss the imbalance that occurs when our energy is focused outward rather than inward, and how to focus back within to activate another level of potency in your leadership and impact.

This transformative process will support you to take your power back, free up your energy and get closer to your true, most aligned desires as you get to the roots of comparison and jealousy and let go of thought and energy patterns that do not serve you.

“Everything starts within. Leadership.. success.. abundance.. intimacy.. pleasure.. love.. So when our energy is more focused outside of ourselves than within, we cannot truly lead in an embodied authentic, centred, present and grounded way.”

In this powerful solo episode, I will dive into:

  • True leadership and impact start from within (3:09)

  • Four-step process to overcome comparison and jealousy and reclaim your power (9:56)

  • Step 1 (10:18)

  • Step 2 (15:14)

  • Step 3 (25:01)

  • Step 4 (30:03)

  • Clarify priorities and focus on what truly matters (35:38)

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