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#76 Your Orgasms Heal The World! Serving from Freedom vs. Martydom

Episode Summary

In this episode, we get curious around what else is possible in leadership and service when you change your context around it. I believe that your aliveness and joy are your biggest offerings to the world; that your orgasms and laughter ALSO contribute to humanity and that sacrificing yourself for others is not true service. During this episode we explore what I mean by all of that and how prioritising yourself in a new way might serve you in your life and legacy. We dive into the concept of energy exchange and how our expressions and emotions impact the collective energy field, as well as how you can create a ripple effect of inspiration and permission for others through honouring yourself more fully.

“My orgasms contribute to humanity. My joy contributes to humanity. My nourishment contributes to humanity. I got to understand that me being in my best, most free, most aligned, most alive expression.. is my offering. Me feeling good is of service to humanity.”

In this empowering & self-liberating solo episode, I will dive into:

    • The fallacy of self-sacrifice in service to others (8:47)

    • Discovering activities that bring you joy and doing them for the sake of enjoyment (14:11)

    • Recognising the impact of your aliveness on the collective energy field (24:34)

    • Breaking free from the martyrdom mindset and reclaiming true service (27:08)

    • Shifting the energy you send into the world and receiving positive feedback (29:30)

    • Inspiring others through your expression and self-honouring (31:09)

    • Redefining service as prioritising yourself and your well-being (32:30)

    • The profound impact of living, leading, loving, and serving from overflow (39:43)

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