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#75 Allowing the MUSE to guide you; bliss, pleasure, grief & rapture with Alexi Panos

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by my dear sister and Master Coach, Author + Powerhouse Mama of four Alexi Panos as we explore the power of the Muse and how it can guide us in experiencing bliss, pleasure, grief, and rapture. Alexi shares her personal journey of flipping the script and embracing all of her emotions, breaking free from old stories, and tapping into her true essence in an embodied way. We dive into the concept of the Muse as a source of life force energy and inspiration, highlighting the importance of being fully alive and present in our bodies.

“And it allowed me to have this embodied experience and experience in my body that which allowed me to bypass the story I had been telling you about myself for decades. And in one moment I flipped the script.”

In this game-changing conversation, we drop into:

    • The importance of freeing our bodies to experience true freedom (6:24)

    • The power of embracing our essence and owning our uniqueness (7:24)

    • Tapping into the life force energy within and connecting to something greater (12:59)

    • Choosing to exit the matrix and create our own reality (19:22)

    • Trusting our own wisdom and embracing our truth in each moment (26:10)

    • Creating space in our bodies and releasing projections (37:46)

    • Quitting collapsing into inauthentic versions of ourselves to maintain relationships (39:38)

    • Embracing the full spectrum of life and showing up with dignity (48:13)

    • Living authentically and answering the call of our hearts (53:00)

    • Acknowledging the uneasiness and significance of embracing grief and all emotions (56:11)

    • Recognising our innate power and embracing our truth (1:01:51)

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