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#81 Reclaiming your sensuality and feeling safer S3xually

Episode Summary

In this week’s episode we dive into sensuality and how you can reconnect with your true sensual self, free of shame and full of reverence.

Sensuality is all about experiencing life through your senses, and contrary to popular belief it isn’t necessarily related to sexuality. Hence why in this episode we explore what sensuality truly is and how to embrace it as a practice of being fully present and alive.

How is your current relationship to your own sensuality impacting your confidence, sexuality and your relationships? By creating a safe container for your sensual self, you can explore deeper pleasure and transmute any shame or hurt that might be affecting your feelings of sexual safety.

“It’s such a taboo still nowadays topic in our society, that we don’t have the proper education and initiations and guidance into sacred, safe sexuality. Sexuality that’s actually pleasure-lead, and not goal-oriented. So when we start having these conversations, it is really important that you ask yourself; if you want to really create a container where your sensual self can come online.. where you can fully allow all of you – the present, expanded, feeling version of you – to be present.. then what do you need?”

In this solo episode, I dive into:

  • Sensuality isn’t linked to sexuality (2:21)

  • What sensuality really is and how it can transform your life and relationships from the inside out + practices to get started (5:48)

  • Do THIS to connect deeper with your own version of sensuality (11:47)

  • Building true, deep intimacy (13:01)

  • How to + why commit to your pleasure (22:01)

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