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#80 Healing my inner-waters and learning to trust men again (a powerful pirmigrage through sacred sites in Bali, Spain and Mexico)

Episode Summary

In this deeply intimate episode, I share with you some of the most profound moments and learnings through my journey on a healing pilgrimage through sacred sites in Bali, Spain, and Mexico.

Following the whispers of my soul, I embarked on an initiation into “Priestesshood” and -without knowing it at the time- into learning how to fully trust men again and heal the wounds carried within my inner waters, specially around the masculine.

During this exploration, I discovered the profound wisdom of my connection to water—a source of life that nourishes, purifies, and sustains us. Through sacred water ceremonies and rituals, I began to understand the significance of water in our existence and its relationship to our memories and emotions. It became apparent that the trauma and pain I carried were not just stored in my mind or muscles, but also in the waters within my body.

I learned to truly release the need for control and surrender to the present moment’s magic and divine orchestration. By healing my inner waters, I cleared the space for a new story to unfold—one that allowed me to trust men again, to forgive, and to be open to receiving their support and love. And I am so grateful I got to experience this before my father passed.

“What I’ve noticed is my availability to receive men has expanded so deeply. And I was already a pretty orgasmic person.. and that just took it to a whole other level – the amount of pleasure that I feel my body is available for has expanded, the amount of ease that I experience, where I’m not rehearsing life, or fighting life, I can be here now and feel safe in the NOW moment a lot more.”

In this solo episode, I dive into:

  • My lifelong connection to WATER (4:26)

  • Following the call of the water Priestess to Bali (9:19)

  • My Balinese temple pilgrimage (18:11)

  • The profound realisation that this was a journey of healing my inner waters (24:04)

  • The ancient wisdom of the waters (26:45)

  • The whispers that lead me to Mexico (30:52)

  • Trusting and Embracing the Masculine in a new way (37:27)

  • Releasing the trauma stored deep in my waters (45:20)

  • Expanding the Capacity for Pleasure and Trust (52:42)

  • Clearing Trauma and Creating Space for Choice (54:14)

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