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Ep58: Expectations vs Standards – get clear on yours and transform your relationships! (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Today’s episode was inspired by so many of you! I receive many questions regarding standards and expectations and how to truly get clear on the difference between those two; how to own them and how to best communicate them, so here it is!

In this conversation, we dive deep into:

  • The difference between standards and expectations.
  • How to know if your standards and expectations are coming from a space of love or one of lack, control and demand; from self honoring or from an unhealed wound or trauma.
  • Breakdown of a simple process you can use to get started with having more loving, fair and honouring standards.
  • Taking responsibility for your expectations.

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Episode Notes

“Quit trying to control so much, and you will create so much freedom for yourself.”

  • What are standards and what are expectations? (4:01)
  • How expectations can HARM you and your relationships (5:21)
  • The big issue with expectations (6:53)
  • Understand your standards and your expectations (8:53)
  • Are your standards and expectations coming from love, or from wounding? (12:12)
  • Get clear on your standards and get to know your expectations (14:20)
  • My process YOU can use to have more loving, fair, honoring standards and expectations. (15:42)
  • Stop “shoulding” all over people! (20:03)
  • Communication and taking responsibility for your standards and expectations (26:26)


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