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Ep57: Gene Keys: Finding the gift in your shadow – with Blu (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode I am joined by Blu, a Medicine Woman, Musician, Artist, Speaker, Host of an amazing podcast called “DeJa Blu” and a Storyteller. Blu devoted years of her life to studying the Gene Keys, to support herself and her clients to show up as a higher version of themselves and to connect with their life’s purpose.

In this conversation, we dive deep into:

  • What are Gene Keys?
  • Finding the greatest gifts and superpowers in your shadows and challenges.
  • Gene Keys as an Integration tool.
  • Plant Medicine.
  • What it takes to step into true leadership.

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Episode Notes

“There’s always another side of the coin. Behind challenges, there is always a gift.”

  • What are Gene Keys and where do they come from (4:05)
  • The Shadow and the Gift (7:44)
  • Breaking the algorithm of your life (10:45)
  • Channeling and learning Gene Keys (13:18)
  • The power and benefits of Gene Keys on Blu’s personal life (17:56)
  • Seeing the gift in Blu’s challenge of hearing loss (33:32)
  • How Gene Key supported Blu in her journey (39:33)
  • How Challenges, Gene Keys and Different Archetypes Impacted Blu’s leadership (46:35)
  • Blu’s message for the aspiring leaders and leaders around the world (56:40)


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