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Ep56: Change your Mindset, Change your Life with Garrain Jones (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I am joined by Garrain Jones, best-selling author of “Change Your Mindset, Change your life”. 7-figure Serial Entrepreneur. Transformation Coach and Business Coach.

In this conversation, we dive deep into:

  • Garrain’s transformational story.
  • Top 3 mindset shifts to transform your life (these supported Garrain to go from homelessness and pain to where he is now!).
  • How to remain accountable and change your mindset.
  • How to attract powerful friendships and know you are worthy of them.
  • The most powerful thing that you can do to amplify your impact as leaders.

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Episode Notes

“Gratitude is the glue that holds life together and gives all of your goals wings.”

  • Garrain’s journey. (3:40)
  • “Change your Mindset, Change your Life” (7:56)
  • Top 3 Mindset Shifts to transform your life. (9:16)
  • Garrain’s support to move forward in challenging times. (14:09)
  • It will never be enough until you realize, you are enough. (18:45)
  • Believing that you are worthy of joining a good community. (20:07)
  • Amplifying your impact as a leader. (24:36)
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone (33:44)
  • Garrain’s passion for supporting kids and the youth (40:42)
  • Garrain’s transformation coaching (46:30)
  • What makes a leader sacred (48:00)

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