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Ep45: What it takes to truly step up as a leader, specially in these times of division – with Christine Hassler (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode I am joined by Christine Hassler, who is a Master Coach, Facilitator and Speaker with over 15 years of experience; the Bestselling Author of three books, and a Host of the Top Rated Podcast called Over It and On With It.

We dive into a lot of powerful topics, such as:

  • How to lead in these times of division.
  • Why doing inner-child healing is so important, especially for those wanting to support and lead others.
  • How to differentiate between standards and expectations.
  • How to heal our expectation hangover and let go of our attachments.
  • The gifts and challenges in being in sacred union with someone that is also in the work and deeply committed to his mission and his leadership.

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Episode Notes

“I don’t want to lead people to what I think is right. I want to lead people to what they know as their truth…”

  • How inner child healing impacts your leadership (03:23)
  • How to self-assess if your unintegrated shadow is getting in your way (10:35)
  • Leading in these times of division (15:15)
  • Tips on remaining grounded in what you do while weaving your sense of connection with something bigger than yourself (22:40)
  • The gifts and challenges of being in a conscious relationship (25:57)
  • How to leverage expectation hangover (36:50)
  • How to catch the expectations and turn them into something more empowering (42:00)
  • Find Christine and work with her (43:31)
  • What makes a leader sacred? (44:22)

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