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Ep43: Creating in your feminine and healing your overachiever without giving up on your dreams – with Alexi Panos (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode I am joined by my dear friend and mentor Alexi Panos. Alexi is an Impact Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Author, Speaker, and mother to 3 under 3 (my favourite). Alexi authored the book 50 Ways to Yay and co-authored the book Now or Never together with her husband, Preston Smiles. She is also a humanitarian and the co-founder of the non profit organization EPIC, which focuses on bringing clean water and community development to those in need in rural Africa.

We jam on:

  • How to do it all with more ease and intention.
  • How to shift from leading in your masculine to creating in your feminine.
  • Healing your overachiever without giving up on your dreams.
  • Acknowledging and integrating your shadow to become the most powerful version of you and how to be fully empowered in your life.

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Episode Notes

“It’s so important to be in embodiment of leadership, and that starts with how you lead yourself.”

  • How to do everything with presence and intention (03:15)
  • Great tips on overcoming your overachiever without giving up on creating successful results (10:09)
  • Why acknowledging your shadow is key to being in full embodiment (16:16)
  • Why vulnerability and sharing our journey as teachers is important (22:58)
  • What’s the end goal of your service? (26:01)
  • How to deal with your shadow so that you can be in clean leadership (33:07)
  • TRY THIS if you want to shift from your masculine direction to feminine creation (34:46)
  • How to trust your divinely inspired ideas (48:56)
  • Instead of asking your guides for things to be different, thank them (56:09)

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