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Ep42: Four steps to start healing your over-achiever and get over perfectionism (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I share with you a 4-step method to start healing your inner overachiever. We dive into some of the ways in which the belief of not being “good enough” can play out in our lives, and have a deep look into the overachiever pattern and how it can affect our leadership (and everything else in our lives!). I also break down my 4-step method through which you too can start healing your overachiever and show up way more powerfully in your leadership.

This is the last episode of Sacred Leadership’s first season. I really hope you enjoy it and get a lot of value from it!

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Episode Notes

“We all get to claim: I choose to be enough right here, right now, because I say so. I know there is still an aspect of me that doesn’t believe that I am, but I will work through that constantly until I am able to free myself from that belief.”

  • Identifying whether you are an over-achiever, and understanding some of the different ways in which believing we aren’t good enough can play out in our lives (02:23)
  • Looking at the reasons why you want to achieve all that you want to achieve (07:25)
  • Intentionally choosing to show up with your higher-self reasons in your leadership (by making peace with your lower-self or “shadow” reasons!)  (13:22)
  • Creating a practice of validation and acknowledgment within (22:08)
  • Writing all of your goals and celebrating yourself daily (22:54)
  • Drawing clear boundaries with yourself (31:07)
  • Expanding how you relate to yourself and your leadership (36:59)

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