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Ep41: Soulful Entrepreneurship – the new business paradigm with Makenzie Marzluff (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Today’s episode is with Makenzie Marzluff; a beautiful example of aligned leadership and soulful entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Delighted By desserts as well as her non-profit Kakao Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. Through her work Makenzei merges spirituality with grounded leadership and is interested in leaving a legacy on this planet for future generations. She went from starting her companies on credit cards in 2015 and living in a van to running a multimillion-dollar business within only two years. Her company Delighted By has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Woman’s Health. You can find her products in 5000 grocery stores across the US. She’s also launching an epic book called ‘How To Lead a Badass Business From Your Heart’, which will launch in the fall of this year 2020.

In this episode, we got so real and raw about what it means and what it takes to lead from the new conscious paradigm of business – how to amplify our impact and success from a space of deep alignment and never compromising our way of being with what we intentionally choose to. We dive into some of the differences between running a product-based company like she does, and a service-based business like I do, and how our spiritual practices and some of our medicine journeys have influenced so deeply our creations and the way we run our businesses. We jam into some of the deep inner work we both have had to do in order to lead with alignment.

Makenzie shared very authentically her experience with truly following her life’s mission and applying a conscious approach to all areas of her business – including marketing, finance, managing teams, etc. We also talk about the integration between the divine masculine and the sacred feminine energies, and how to bring them into our business, how we as women can practice receiving in all areas of our lives, and tapping into our intuition to lead from a deeper space of flow.

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Episode Notes

“The new paradigm is where the entrepreneur first comes into their heart space, and does their deep heart work to ensure that every decision that they make in their business is from their heart space.”

  • What the new paradigm of conscious business means (04:27)
  • How can entrepreneurs start leading in the new paradigm (07:05)
  • The difference between leading from the heart in a product-based business and a service-based business (10:27)
  • How medicine journeys influence our creations and the way we run our business (21:15)
  • A soulful approach to marketing, finance and managing teams (25:47)
  • Working on your own belief and power (35:07)
  • Having a soulful approach to everything you do (38:50)
  • Ways to practice receiving in every aspect of your life (41:40)
  • Find Makenzie and work with her (46:37)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (47:28)


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