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Ep37: Reprogramming oppression and separation – with Aaron Rose (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Today’s guest serves as an inspirational speaker, transformational coach, and visionary writer. Aaron Rose has mentored top public figures in embracing the role as new paradigm leaders. Aaron has facilitated cultural change across multiple industries as an inclusive culture consultant, and speaks and writes on co-creating a world where we all thrive as ourselves. According to Aaron, a better world is not a future possibility, it’s already here if we choose it.

In this episode, we speak about reprogramming oppression and separation. How to intentionally bring awareness to the root of some of our pain, and start healing those energies from within. We also speak about spiritual bypassing versus spiritual integration and how to be in aligned embodiment regardless of whether we are feeling called to take external action or actively work on ourselves. We dive into the perpetrator versus savior, and empowered being versus victim energies, and how to shift them from within. We also speak about energetics, prayer and collective awakening, and how to tap into your inner compass to find truth.

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Episode Notes

“Sometimes, all it takes in order to reprogram your oppression and separation is to witness it, acknowledge it and honor it.”

  • Reprogramming oppression and separation (02:45)
  • How to find the root of your pain (06:44)
  • How to know when to disengage with the story at play, and anchor the reality that we wish to see in the world (14:34)
  • Letting go of the idea of ‘oppressor vs saviour’, realising that is a matter of ’empowerment vs victimhood’ and choosing consciously where we stand (19:30)
  • Focusing on our personal awakening process and how to be a stand for others (23:58)
  • How to speak the truth but in a way that allows other people their sovereignty (35:23)
  • Prayer and collective awakening (40:36)
  • One piece of advice from Aaron (42:01)
  • Find Aaron and work with him (46:07)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (47:48)

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