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Ep38: The true ROI of having a strong self-care practice (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Today’s episode is from a session I did at one of my client’s membership portals called The Art of Connection, where I jammed on REAL self-care. I speak about the true ROI of having a self-care practice; the difference between delicious yet superficial pampering practices, and deep, sustainable self-care. I dive into common misconceptions about self-care that for a lot of entrepreneurs get in the way of making this a priority and amplifying their success and their results, thanks to it. I also speak on the four pillars of sacred self-care, and why making real self-care an absolute priority is beyond important now more than ever, as well as addressing many different myths we tend to buy into when it comes to self-care…

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Episode Notes

“Self-care is not just about bubble baths and pampering yourself. It’s a practice of making it a habit to deal with anything that comes up in the most self-honoring way possible.”

  • Leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to carry a big mission and not being able to fully thrive at what they do (01:37)
  • My experience with learning about real self-care (04:34)
  • Myths about self-care (13:42)
  • What real, deep sustainable self-care is (15:36)
  • Building a self-honouring tool-kit (22:13)
  • Self-care is not always Instagrammable (26:38)
  • A 3-step framework to create a sustainable, energetic, physical, and mental body so that you can create long-lasting results in your life and in your business (30:29)
  • Real self-care allows you to do everything way better (35:35)
  • THE ROI of self-care (36:20)


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