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Ep36: Is the Age of the Guru Over? Tapping into your Inner-Guru, and Vedic Meditation – with Rachel Gross (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is the woman who taught me Vedic Meditation and who first introduced me to Vedic Knowledge. Rachel Gross is a qualified Teacher of Vedic Meditation. She teaches and mentors students all around the world, sharing the ancient wisdom of Veda in a modern and relatable way. Her mission is to help people rediscover the truth and beauty of their own being so that they can be an expression of their inner nature, as opposed to an expression of their stress. She continues to train extensively under the guidance of her teacher, Thom Knoles, and travels to India regularly to immerse herself in Vedic knowledge and culture – sharing that her connection to the roots of this tradition stay pure and strong.

In this episode, we spoke about many different, deep, amazing topics. Some of them being the importance of having a daily practice of vedic meditation, the role of a guru in today’s world, tapping into your inner guru, the concept of individuality versus universality and how to cultivate humble pride as leaders of this world.

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Episode Notes

  • What is vedic meditation and what makes it different from other meditation styles (02:53)
  • The role and purpose of a true guru in these modern times (10:36)
  • How gurus should encourage students to create a safe space for themselves (23:47)
  • How to cultivate humble pride as leaders (32:17)
  • The concept of charm and how to tune into it (39:00)
  • Find Rachel and work with her (50:27)
  • What makes leadership sacred (52:47)


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