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Ep35: Is your pursuit of happiness causing you suffering? With PhD. Laura Pérez (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Today’s guest is a dear mentor who I have been working with for about 7 years now. She supported me back in the day where I had a corporate job and suffered from anxiety, and she continues to support me now both as my life coach and one of my coaching mentors.

PhD. Laura Pérez is a Doctor in Cognitive Sciences and Language by the University of Barcelona, Psychologist, Contemplative Psychotherapist and Transformational Coach in her private practice. She is also the Academic Director of the Doctorate in Psychology and the Master’s in Clinical and Health Psychology at the Ibero-American University online, where she teaches as well. …She’s one of these people that has so much deep embodied wisdom, such a wealth of knowledge, and working with her has been deeply transformative, grounding and healing for me.

In this episode, we go into many different deep yet very simple topics. We speak about craving, attachment, and aversion as sources of suffering. We dive into the real meaning of happiness, love, and attachment and talk about understanding why the pursuit of happiness tends to create a lot of suffering, and all the ways we often try to manipulate reality, relationships and paths whether we are aware of it or not, and why letting go of that is imperative to find truth and freedom. We also speak about the disconnection most people have from themselves and how practicing awareness around our interconnectivity as well as gratitude, can support us in living much more fulfilled lives and have better relationships.

What I loved about this episode is that we jammed on different topics, and yet Lara explains everything in such very simple and digestible ways so that we can see where these things play out in our lives and have practical tools to start moving closer to love and happiness.

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Episode Notes

“Start cultivating love, acceptance, kindness, and contentment voluntarily daily…”

  • The meaning of happiness (03:49)
  • The meaning of attachment, aversion and craving (09:32)
  • Understand what happiness is for you (14:56)
  • Differentiating LOVE and ATTACHMENT (21:52)
  • How to cultivate love, acceptance, kindness and contentment (24:53)
  • Understanding success in a world that pressures us with attachment (31:18)
  • Understanding our self-responsibility to make ourselves happy (39:55)
  • Tips on becoming more familiar with your mind and where you might be attached to things that are no longer serving you (48:05)
  • Find Laura and work with her (51:46)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (53:21)


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