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Ep34: Is your business synced with your cycle? Doing this changed my life and could change yours. (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Today’s episode is for those of you that are women in business, knowing that you get to do business in a more feminine, intelligent way. If you are a woman, I find that syncing your business with your cycle is the most intelligent thing to do – when it comes to increasing productivity, creativity, efficiency, and also honouring the feelings and needs that you are going to have, depending on where in your cycle you are at.

In this episode, I speak all things CYCLE. From how I went from feeling like I had to push and drag myself from task to task on my business, to now – where the majority of the time I’m doing exactly what I feel like doing and exactly what I am most excited to be doing. This was all thanks to understanding the phases of my cycle, the hormones that get produced within our brains depending on where our cycles we are; developing awareness around the different needs that I had in each phase of my period and also some of the tasks that came more natural or I felt more at ease with doing, and what were some of the things that I really didn’t feel like doing.

Taking in consideration this and planning -whenever possible!- my business tasks and events around my cycle, was a complete game changer for me in life and business.

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Episode Notes

“I personally encourage every woman in business to tap into this inner wisdom and do things with a lot more ease for themselves and for the world.”

  • Misconceptions about period, cycles and business (03:41)
  • Linking your business with your cycle (06:26)
  • Menstruation phase – Winter season (10:53)
  • Pre-ovulation phase  – Spring season (13:51)
  • Ovulation phase – Summer season (16:49)
  • Pre-menstrual phase – Autumn season (20:17)
  • Planning your month with the awareness of  your cycle (26:47)
  • Getting clear on how you feel in each phase of your cycle; identifying the things that you are leaning towards more and the things that you are avoiding more to work with your cyclic nature rather than against it (29:59)


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