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Ep33: Conscious Leadership vs Unconscious Leadership – with Ruby Fremon (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode I am joined by Ruby Fremon, a devoted leader on a mission to give the world a voice. As a top transformational coach and activation expert for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to bring their big visions and missions into the spotlight, Ruby works with leaders – from artists to entrepreneurs – who are ready to activate their voice, unleash their missions, and gain the conviction to lead their purpose.

Named an inspirational woman by the Huffington Post and an icon of influence at the 2018 New Media Summit, Ruby was the visionary behind the annual 3-day transformative leadership event ‘Amplified Soul Life’. She is an international speaker, the founder of ‘The Thought Leader Collective’ and host of ‘Today’s Thought Leader’, which is a podcast which topped at #38 in the US iTunes chart for Entrepreneurship in 2019. Ruby uses her potent approach to help leaders rise up, fulfill their missions, and make their voices be heard.

In this episode, we spoke all things leadership – from learning how to move from unconscious leadership to conscious leadership; how to recognize whether we are in a space of deep integrity within our leaderships or whether we may be triggered by a desire of validation and power and how we may be driven by the desire and addiction to power. We spoke about many different things we get to do in order to learn to trust ourselves even more so that we can be in the fullest integrity within our leadership and in the way we carry our missions, but also so that we know who to trust when we are thinking of hiring someone within the space of personal development leadership business. We spoke on how soulful, truthful connections that are lead by the heart and authenticity instead of looking for what we can get out of people can help us amplify our brands, gain visibility and win in so many ways… And also jammed on the importance of letting go of the lone wolf approach to business so that we can truly receive and be of support to others!

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Episode Notes

“People can use social media poorly, but you can use it with intention.”

  • Thought leadership and the impact that we can create with it (05:29)
  • The abuse of power in the personal development industry (07:45)
  • Are you serving yourself or are you serving others? (12:34)
  • How to know if the coach you are hiring is truly leading or self-serving (17:10)
  • Mindset shifts a lot of people within this space of leadership can do, to be more in their conscious leadership (19:16)
  • Collaboration vs Competition (23:23)
  • How true, honest, authentic collaborations can help your business (26:20)
  • Plant medicine applied to leadership (32:53)
  • Find Ruby and work with her (36:47)
  • What makes leadership sacred (37:54)

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