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Ep31: FREEDOM, Conspiracies and Leadership (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode, I dive deep into the meaning of freedom – how to cultivate it within ourselves and how to be a stand for it in our external reality too. I talk about how to really get clear on what freedom feels and looks like for us, and I share my take on CONSPIRACIES: certain questions that I feel we get to ask ourselves and certain things I have noticed that can potentially be true or worth looking into with an open mind (#controversial) while also making sure we look after ourselves so that our energy and mental health is preserved, instead of getting sucked into rabbit holes with no end!

Other topics I jam on are: how to bring ourselves to a space of wellbeing and empowerment so that we can really take the next step in our leadership and be a stand for what we wish to see in this world.

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Episode Notes

“Ultimately, freedom is an inside job. We live in a world where freedom must be protected and encouraged if we want to continue to have certain rights”

  • How does freedom look and feel like for you? (02:39)
  • The system that we live in does not support freedom, humanity, justice and the earth (05:27)
  • How to cultivate a space of freedom within (06:25)
  • How to cultivate a space of freedom outside of ourselves (and be a stand for it!) (07:30)
  • CONSPIRACIES: Should we be listening more? (10:00)
  • Don’t allow your current beliefs, perceptions and fears get in the way of learning and expanding your knowledge and awareness (16:56)
  • Cultivating a space of freedom, strength, certainty, and trust within (19:19)
  • Leaders seek full truth (22:18)

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