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Ep30: The 4 Entrepreneurial Archetypes – with Amanda Bucci (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by Amanda Bucci, to speak about the entrepreneurial archetypes – what are they, why it is so powerful to understand which archetype is our primary one; and how being in our zone of genius is so crucial to benefit our businesses and lives. We also jam about why business-building can be a pathway to help us become the person we are meant to be, and some tangible actions you can start taking to benefit your clients and your business in these times of confusion and uncertainty that we are experiencing.

Amanda is a top online business mentor for service providers who are utilizing social media platforms to launch, grow and scale their businesses. With more than 550k Instagram followers, 25 million YouTube channel views, and more than 5 million podcast downloads, Amanda’s teachings have impacted the lives of those who have grown up in the age of social media. I have personally gotten a lot of value from her content, so I am very excited to be sharing her knowledge with you, in this episode!

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Episode Notes

“Business-building is a pathway to our greatest right of passage, becoming the person we are meant to be.”

  • What are the entrepreneurial archetypes? (Creator, Coach, Teacher, Entrepreneur) (03:47)
  • Allowing yourself to align with who you naturally are (15:04)
  • Why it is so powerful to know what your top archetype is and how to use the other archetypes to support your main one (16:49)
  • Business – another way to becoming the person that we’re meant to be (37:12)
  • What you can do to support your clients and make sure to keep your business afloat (and thriving!)  in these times of confusion and uncertainty (46:36)
  • Find Amanda / Work with her (51:49)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (54:52))


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