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Ep26: PANDEMIC: Some of My Thoughts & Intuitive Feelings About The Current World State (let’s go deep!) (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

This is probably one of the deepest episodes I’ve recorded so far.

In this episode, I share with you some of my thoughts and intuitive feelings in regards to why this current situation we are experiencing can be seen as a blessing, and why NOW is the time for leaders to lean in more than ever and share their gifts with the world.

Fear, scarcity and doubt might be surfacing for most people, but now is not the time to shrink… Is the time to step up. I speak about the concept of stepping into spiritual adulthood and finding freedom from within; why Coaches and Healers will be more needed now than ever, and why doing the DEEP inner work to let go of the sense of self-importance and other attachments is so crucial for those wanting to make a real impact.

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Episode Notes

“Do not let the noise outside determine how your future is going to be. Do not let the outside world decide what happens within you. Yes, be informed. Yes, take precautions. Yes, be careful, mindful and socially responsible. And also, if you may, you can choose to see the silver lining in all the situations including this one. You can choose to see what’s in this for you.”

  • Will you be a spectator in this situation? Or will you rise up and truly stand up in your most powerful space as a leader? (02:15) 
  • Whatever we choose to believe, we are giving our power to (04:40)
  • Uncertainty was always here – we simply see it more clearly now (05:29)
  • If your freedom was taken away so easily, what is this teaching you? (08:20)
  • It’s not I, it is WE – where we are way stronger, more resourceful, creative and powerful (11:28)
  • Do not let the world influence what’s happening within you (14:46)
  • If it was up to you to create a new world, what could be possible then? (20:03)
  • Allowing your gifts to be a part of the solution (22:13)
  • Pivot, pivot, pivot – that’s what leaders do (23:17)
  • Coaches and healers are needed NOW more than ever (28:56)
  • Letting go of the sense of self-importance (37:30)
  • Recognising the fact that we are serving others to serve ourselves – it’s our path to liberation and happiness (39:21)


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