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Ep25: The Art Of Storytelling with John Romaniello (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by Author, Angel Investor, Media Personality and Consultant John Romaniello. John helps entrepreneurs improve communication skills and increase revenue through storytelling and writing.

We jam on the importance and power of storytelling; how can it help you not just to grow your brand and to get your message out there, but also on a personal level, and we covered topics like:

  • Writing like it matters and getting started in the art of story-telling
  • The correlation between storytelling and inner work
  • Finding your unique voice as a writer
  • The difference between integration and reintegration
  • How working on yourself can help you better your ability to storytelling!

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Episode Notes

“Focusing less about the information that I’m sharing and more about the presentation of that information is what always helped me stand out”

  • Find a way to connect with your audience (03:28)
  • Successful businesses and relationships are built on connection (04:22)
  • Why is storytelling so powerful? + Tips to get started with mastering the art of storytelling (05:34)
  • Finding the magic in the mundane (both in life and for storytelling!) (10:33)
  • The difference between integration and reintegration with regards to inner-work and  storytelling (14:36)
  • The more inner work you do, the more your abilities grow (19:18)
  • Finding your own unique writing voice (23:14)
  • Getting out of your own way and into WRITING! (27:21)
  • Find John and work with him (30:27)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (32:59)

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