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Ep24: Old Business Paradigm vs New Business Paradigm (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I share with you my perspective on the “old paradigm” vs the “new paradigm” within the business space. I speak on how to bring more alignment to your entrepreneurial journey, to create a business and life that feels more in tune, more delicious, and more spacious.

I also share some of the things I see some people in the personal development industry are focusing on that aren’t being effective and how to move through the old paradigm patterns that can keep you stuck in life and business, to access your fullest potential as a leader and become the embodiment of that what you wish to see in the world.

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Episode Notes

“We’re moving into this new paradigm where we are claiming ourselves to be abundant, resourceful and powerful beings.”

  • More of us are stepping into a new paradigm within business and entrepreneurship (02:16)
  • The problem with doing business in a “whatever it takes” mindset is that it can lead you to live a very miserable life. I see this all the time, and I’ve actually been there myself (05:33)
  • I went from zero to six-figures in a few months, but at the expenses of my wellbeing (08:11)
  • Serving people and having a business you’re obsessed with, while still having time to live an epic life (10:13)
  • The old paradigm is creating a business from the outside in. The new paradigm is creating a business from the inside out. (11:16)
  • The profit comes as the result of the impact that we are creating. Connect to your WHY (12:40)
  • Everything starts within you; including success (15:26)
  • Claiming that you are enough NOW is the only way to ever feel satisfied with your achievements (18:46)
  • We must align with the things we desire (23:35)
  • There are way too many people mastering sales, marketing and branding before mastering the very thing they’re selling (their skills). (26:38)
  • Recognize what’s keeping you where we are so you can move past it and through it. (29:41)

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