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Ep22: Shifting from comparison and jealousy to kick-ass confidence (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Comparison and jealousy are two of today’s world’s greatest diseases, and they could have a much bigger impact in your life, leadership, relationships and business than you realise.

In this episode I speak all things #jealousy and #comparison and I share with you my simple #realitycheckmethod to shift from feeling “less than” and perhaps feeling stuck, to claiming your power and confidence back through taking full ownership of your feelings and desires!

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Episode Notes

“The thing with jealousy is that it tricks us into believing we’re in the victim’s sit. But when we choose to stop believing our lies and get super honest with ourselves; no longer pointing the finger outside and going “they have what I don’t”, “they look better than me” or “they’re capable of things I am not” and instead choose to take complete responsibility for our lives and our desires asking “what is that they have that I want?” then we’re finally up to something.”

  • Jealousy and comparison are two of today’s world’s greatest diseases (01:27)
  • Is never about what you have but about how you feel about what you have (02:43)
  • Jealousy tricks us into believing we are a VICTIM (04:26)
  • How jealousy really works! (05:20)
  • My method to move from the victim sit (comparison) to an empowered position (06:40)
  • Take responsibility and stop lying to yourself!!! (10:11)
  • Using jealousy to find your road map + knowing you are choosing at all times (16:21)
  • You are co-creating your reality; the opportunities that come and the ones that don’t (18:15)
  • Special invitation to some of you (19:08)

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