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Ep21: Mindset Shifts To Achieve True Success – with Joel Brown (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by Joel Brown; founder of the #1 Motivation website Addicted2Success that has achieved over 224 Million Views Worldwide over the last ten years.

We jam on all the mindset shifts we all get to do in order to achieve true success in life and business. From overcoming self-sabotage and insecurity, to redefining success according to our values and what we want; believing we are worthy of the success we want and addressing the over-achiever in us… To creating a brand that stands out thanks to being authentic, creative and courageous.

Joel is skilled in the area of Self Development Coaching, NLP, Speaking and Mindset Coaching. Joel has built Multiple Six Figure online businesses and million dollar brands and has taught more than 10,000 people how to stand in their vision for success so they can turn their dreams into a reality.

Here, he shares with us his wisdom around the topic.

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Episode Notes

“Abundance is a practice. Because when you have a scarcity mindset you play it safe.”

  • What got Joel addicted to success + creating your life’s vision (03:55)
  • Joel’s definition of success (06:25)
  • Letting go of the old-paradigm idea of “success” and creating a successful business and life according to your own terms (07:43)
  • Top 3 mindset shifts to help you create a successful, fulfilled life (11:18)
  • How to overcome self-sabotage & believe you are worthy of the success you desire (17:21)
  • “The market is saturated” is a BS excuse + building an authentic brand (23:09)
  • Standing out in a world of copy cats + leading from the heart (30:12)
  • The end goal will always move; enjoy life NOW and believe you are enough NOW and success will follow (34:25)
  • Addressing the over-achiever in us (36:13)
  • Find Joel and his offerings (44:44)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (45:55)

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