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Ep20: Spiritual Ego, Finding Your Own Sense Of Spirituality and Owning All Aspects Of Yourself (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I help you find and embrace your own sense of spirituality and embrace all aspects of yourself more. I get super #REAL as I share my own personal journey to owning both the humble medicine woman in me and the ambitious business woman in me, and help you reflect on WHAT aspects of yourself you may not still be owning; understanding WHY and HOW to move past that to be more authentically self-expressed and accept all of you.

I jam on Spiritual Ego and how it shows up; the BS that suggesting spiritual/conscious people “look a certain way” is; my devoted journey with #plantmedicine and my short journey #polyamory + what I learnt from being in two -seemingly- very different worlds and not feeling like I could fit in fully, in any of them.

NOTE: When I speak about “success” in this episode, I am referring to professional, financial or material success (for the sake of this conversation!). I acknowledge different versions of success and the fact that many of them do not involve the pursuit of money or material possessions. During this episode, I use the word “success” to refer to the stage of having fulfilled an ambitious desire to achieve certain professional or financial goals.

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Episode Notes

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience, therefore there is nothing we need to buy or learn or wear or say in order to “be spiritual”, because we already are. How we go about remembering and becoming familiar with our spiritual nature is a different story, and everyone has a different path.”

  • A lot of people stay away from spirituality because they don’t resonate with the “woo woo” scene (02:56)
  • Everyone’s path to spirituality looks different, even though the Spiritual Ego may tells us something else (03:52)
  • The most spiritual, enlightening and woke thing you can ever do…(06:12)
  • The more we identify with things, the less space we have to grow and evolve and show up authentically in each moment. Here’s what to do about it (08:13)
  • My journey to accepting more aspects of myself when my ego judged me as “too free” when I worked in corporate, and “not conscious enough” or “too ambitious” when I started to hang around a spiritual community (10:02)
  • The  divine recipe for the medicine that you’re here to bring (14:27)
  • Polyamory vs Monogamy (18:46)
  • If you are spiritually curious boss babe… (25:12)
  • If you are an ambitious spiritual babe… (26:00)
  • I felt as though I was in a spiritual closet AND a professional closet (26:55)
  • If you are still suppressing any aspect of yourself (28:29)
  • You don’t need to look or sound “out there” to be spiritual + my devotion to a spiritually connected life (30:19)
  • You get to do you! Find your own spiritual practice; whatever works for you at this time and you feel ready for (34:10)
  • Stop feeding the illusion of separation through judgement and give yourself the freedom to be as you are + allow others to do the same (34:59)
  • Discover what aspects of yourself want to be UNLEASHED (37:23)
  • Get familiar with your alter-ego! (39:23)


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