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Ep19: Social with Soul with Social Media and Brand Strategist Laura Madden (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by my friend Laura Madden, who is a Social Media and Brand strategist who works with thought leaders in the personal development industry and supports them to share their message with more authenticity and potency than ever.

We jam on all things Social Media, from how to share more authentically and reach more people with our message, creating content that we align with and relationship building using Instagram; to how to go from having an audience to having a community and how to beat the algorithm!

We look at Social Media and Brand Strategy from an emotional, mental and energetic perspective and Laura shares many -epic- actionable steps you can start taking to level up your social media game.

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Episode Notes

  • Social Media – a powerful beyond measure tool (04:20)
  • Social Media is just a tool (08:22)
  • What could be stopping you from sharing more authentically on Social Media (09:35)
  • Give yourself permission to do things YOUR WAY (14:15)
  • THIS can help you tap into your creativity and authenticity (17:43)
  • Going from having an audience to having a community + grow your online tribe! (23:57)
  • Is comparison getting in your way to making the most out of Social Media? (31:52) 
  • You can’t beat the algorithm! But you can do this… (33:46)
  • Find Laura and work with her (44:06)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (46:33)


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  • Instagram: @lu_madden

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