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Ep17: At Home In Your Body with Hollie Azzopardi (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by Hollie Azzopardi, a leading Australian Mind, Body & Soul mentor, body love advocate and model, intuitive, speaker and writer.

We jam on #BodyPositivity and #Confidence, the impact that true #SelfLove and #SelfAcceptance has in every area of our lives, the different faces of #Modesty, and fierce leadership, amongst other juicy topics!

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Episode Notes

“Body Image Advocacy is being a pillar of light and ownership of our physical bodies in all of their seasons, shapes and forms.”

  • Hollie’s journey towards true self-love and self-acceptance (02:03)
  • Body Image Advocacy and how to be a stand for it (05:04)
  • Cultivating REVERENCE towards our physical vessel (06:25)
  • Biggest challenges leaders get to overcome in order to truly serve others – and Hollie’s personal journey with this! (09:05)
  • Most common -body & character related- LIMITING BELIEFS and INSECURITIES women struggle with (11:26)
  • Creating an environment that supports you feel CONFIDENT + choosing your own beliefs (15:46)
  • MODESTY looks different to every person (18:24)
  • Self-Acceptance & Self-Love has a ripple effect in every single area of our lives (26:13)
  • Top 1 Challenge + Top 1 Lesson from working as a model! #HollieAnswers (29:16)
  • Find Hollie / Work with her (30:40)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (31:28)


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  • Instagram: @hollie_azzopardi
  • Facebook: /hollieazzopardiwellness
  • YouTube: Hollie Azzopardi

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