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Ep16: THE MASCULINE: Finding Your True Power and Masculinity with Jeddy Azuma (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by my dear brother Jeddy Azuma, whom with I have a very deep conversation around MASCULINITY.

We discuss what true masculinity is; how can men access their power and purpose and learn to direct their emotions instead of suppressing them, the life-changing power of Vision Quest and Rights Of Passage ceremonies, how to become a man that can hold space for a powerhouse woman in partnership…and even the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness in bed and how awareness and communication can help deepen sexual intimacy.

Jeddy is the creator of The Rising Man Movement, one of the founding fathers of The Conscious Man Brotherhood (CMB) and Man Cave. He leads men on Rites of Passage journeys to initiate an entire generation of men and to mould the leaders of future generations, and his work inspires me deeply.

This episode is one of my very favourites and one that will offer a lot of value both to men and women!

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Episode Notes

“There’s a lot of guys out there (myself included) who have been or still are very uncomfortable with confrontation. But if you are not willing to stand up for something in your life, it takes away your ability to be of service in the highest capacity.”

  • How to be in your power while remaining humble (03:02)
  • Anchoring in service and purpose + Jeddy’s journey from lost boy to empowered man (04:35)
  • Vision Quest and Right of Passage ceremonies – What are they and why are they so powerful? (06:48)
  • Nobody teaches us to be adult men and women and yet we are expected to show up as such after we turn X age… But what does being “a man” means? (10:22)
  • Most common misconceptions around MASCULINITY and how choose and REDEFINE what masculinity feels and looks like (11:08)
  • Self-Responsibility and letting go of giving our power away (17:04)
  • Common CHALLENGES man need to face when wanting to truly own their power (19:28)
  • The power of men’s circles and receiving support from other men (20:59)
  • How to allow yourself to be VULNERABLE (as a man) and why it can be the most healing and empowering thing to do (22:22)
  • Suppressed emotion eventually takes over: How to allow and direct your emotions (including sadness and anger!) to use them in an intentional and powerful way rather than suppressing them and letting them drive you (22:52)
  • SEX: Being ASSERTIVE vs. being AGGRESSIVE, and how pornography affects men’s (and women’s!) capacity to have true, deep sexual intimacy (26:08)
  • Creating a better world for generations to come – Powerful LEADERS have a powerful WHY, and this is Jeddy’s! (31:17)
  • PARTNERSHIP: How to be a man that can be with a powerhouse woman and hold space for her to shine, instead of shrinking when she plays big in life and business (34:40)
  • How to work with Jeddy, find this events & podcast (38:39)
  • What makes sacred leadership sacred? (39:25)


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