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Ep15: Making Informed Choices with Taylor Winterstein (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by Taylor Winterstein, who is a Speaker, Coach, Freedom Keeper and Founder of Tay’s Way Movement; a movement that is mobilising the next generation of parents to take back control of their families health.

We speak about many #juicyaf topics such as holistic health, vaccinations, making informed health choices and reclaiming your power as a mother, parenting with awareness and taking arrows in leadership!

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Episode Notes

“We are not given the full buffet of information so that we can make informed choices and decide for ourselves.”

  • Taylor’s mission: Helping families take control of their children’s health (03:39)
  • From diving into holistic health and gut health to heal her own chronic illnesses, to supporting parents to understand the side effects of vaccinations (05:13)
  • Pregnancy & Motherhood: “Most modern women do what they are told without being truly informed about their choices and the impact that they have” (08:22)
  • Drawing on ancient wisdom to regain our power and confidence in motherhood (10:23)
  • Why are we being recommended to take medication that have such dangerous side effects? And why do the media not speak about it? (13:11)
  • Media companies being founded by pharmaceutical companies could be the reason why we aren’t given the full story when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs (16:09)
  • Making informed choices can be as easy as reading a package (17:25)
  • Why are so many choices made for us? Taking our power back through choosing intentionally for ourselves and our children (21:34)
  • Vaccine-free children (23:55)
  • Maintaining high levels of health without vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs or supplements (26:52)
  • Being a fierce leader: Being so connected to your WHY that being judged and having to take arrows does not stop you (28:25)
  • How to find Taylor and work with her! (32:06)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (38:58)


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