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Ep14: Are you saying YES to your mission or YES to your excuses? (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Are you playing ALL IN? Are you saying YES to your soul’s mission and playing on your team?

Or are you stuck playing on your excuses’ team…? In this episode I am -lovingly- calling you forward, because if not now, WHEN!?

It is time to access your fullest potential as a leader and to say YES to what deep down you know you are here to do… Learn how to create a powerful action plan vs a weak “wish-list” for the new decade, and get started with achieving all of your goals!

***DISCLAIMER: I recorded this episode with a cold and sore throat which is why you may hear a difference in my voice!

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Episode Notes

“There’s no achieving without becoming.”

  • The New Year hype (02:12)
  • Most people don’t follow through with their new year goals (02:41)
  • I am -lovingly- calling you forward (03:06)
  • Create a Powerful Action Plan (PAP) vs. a Weak Wish-List (04:20)
  • Be realistic about what you want! (05:44)
  • What happens when we break our word to ourselves (06:44)
  • Are you willing to give it what it takes? Set yourself up for victory! (07:50)
  • Are you being a stand for your excuses??? It is time to drop the self-sabotage and be a stand for your soul’s mission (12:57)
  • Story of how I made the impossible possible to be able to afford my first Yoga Teacher Training, years ago (16:30)
  • Excuses may feel like the easy way out. But if you want to live an incredible life you must be willing to make incredible decisions (22:45)
  • As leaders, it is our duty to commit to being bigger than our excuses (23:41)
  • If you claim you want to play a big life, you get to make big choices (24:20)
  • Are you willing to do what is required in order to fulfil your dreams? (25:03)
  • Do you have GOALS or just wishes? (25:42)
  • The Earth’s frequency is shifting in 2020 (29:08)


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