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Ep13: Christmas: Dealing With Family Triggers + Ethical Consumption! (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

It is that time of the year… And I get asked very often how to deal with family healing and generational healing and also how to consume more ethically. I feel like Christmas is the perfect time to bring both of those topics up since consumerism and family time tend to be such a big part of this celebration!

In this episode I dive into consumerism and different ways to slowly transition into a more aligned way of living and buying; how to deal with the challenges and triggers that may come up when spending time with your relatives… And how to take your personal healing and FREEDOM to the next level!

***DISCLAIMER: I recorded this episode with a cold and sore throat which is why you may hear a difference in my voice!

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Episode Notes

“Nothing they think, say or feel about you is ever personal. But your emotional attachments to them makes it harder to see.”

  • Christmas and its classics challenges (2:45)
  • My upbringing and why I decided stop celebrating Christmas (3:40)
  • Questioning tradition and standards(5:23)
  • Intentional gifting vs consuming because “we have to”(7:19)
  • Consuming in a more ethical way (9:57)
  • How to deal with family when feeling challenged, triggered, judged or unacknowledged (17:12)
  • Nothing others feel or think about you is ever personal (18:00)
  • Let go of your subconscious expectations towards your parents (19:52)
  • Taking responsibility for your own healing journey will heal you and eventually, your family (23:10)
  • My family started to heal once I released my judgement towards them (28:10)
  • Their advice will take you where it took them – is there where you’d like to end? (29:26)
  • Having compassion for yourself when you don’t know how to do it better (33:32)
  • How would you show up if your clients or followers were watching? (35:00)

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