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Ep12: Using Your Influence To Serve with Marco Antonio Regil (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by my dear friend Marco Antonio Regil, who is a highly successful International Speaker, TV Presenter, Podcaster and Activist who gives so much of himself to be of service to others.

Being in the public eye in such a big way (+3.6Million followers on Social Media, +6Million Downloads on his Podcast & a highly successful career presenting some of Latin America’s most famous TV shows will do that!) and remaining humble while choosing to use his voice and influence to be of service, is something that Marco Antonio does in a very inspiring way.

In this conversation we spoke about the journey that in itself is, as well as differentiating between Leadership vs Influence, Spirituality vs Religion; finding the balance between surrendering and taking powerful action, and how to cultivate patience and humility to be of higher service.

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Episode Notes

  • Using your influence, resources and voice to create a positive impact in the world (03:08)
  • When following your heart is the only option (07:36)
  • Trusting the difficulties in our life are happening for a reason, always (09:20)
  • Being open to receiving blessings – it is not about luck! (13:17)
  • Being in the public eye – Cultivating patience, humility and self-honouring (14:33)
  • Taking humble ownership for our unique gifts through gratitude (19:10)
  • Honouring your needs and putting LESS on your plate in order to achieve and live MORE (21:05)
  • Marco’s vision and journey of activism (22:21)
  • Even though the ego is in a rush, we get to trust that The Universe has a plan (23:45)  
  • “What if things don’t happen for a reason?” (28:45)   
  • Balance between surrendering and taking powerful action (30:51)
  • Understanding the profound teachings of religion thanks to spirituality (36:15)
  • Main takeaway lessons taken from Marco’s religious upbringing and his studies on Spiritual Psychology (39:23)
  • Find Marco and work with him! (44:14)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (46:48)

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  • Facebook: /MarcoAntonioRegil
  • Podcast: “El Podcast de Marco Antonio Regil”
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