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Ep64: The 7 Feminine Embodiment Principles (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Today’s episode has been highly requested by so many of you! These 7 Feminine Embodiment Principles are a compilation of some of the most important pieces we get to work on, as I have noticed after a decade of deep dive into my own personal work and growth as well as my work coaching hundreds of women on embodiment, leadership and feminine energetics (amongst other things!).

In this conversation, I dive into:

  • How to embody your feminine energetics.
  • How to create unwavering confidence.
  • How to be fierce and soft at the same time.
  • Embracing vulnerability and strength.
  • Living and leading from an open heart while being unapologetically empowered.
  • How to amplify your impact as a leader through the power of feminine embodiment

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Episode Notes

“There is nothing more powerful, concious, mature, evolved than fully and truly accepting yourself”

  • Where this 7 Feminine Embodiment Principles came from (9:20)
  • Learning to operate from a space of self-responsibility and ownership  (11:46)
  • The meaning of self-responsibility and ownership (13:18)
  • Shadow Work and Shadow Integration (17:40)
  • How you can embody your feminine energetics (27:17)
  • Emotional Mastery (29:14)
  • Activating your voice to express your truth (39:14)
  • How to be fierce and soft at the same time (42:00)
  • Turning On your receiver (46:00)
  • Understanding sacredness (53:00)
  • Asking for support (1:00:26)
  • Embodying your truth (1:03:00)


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