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Ep52: Business in Feminine Flow with Mel Wells (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I am joined by Mel Wells, the best-selling author of the books “The Goddess Revolution” and “Hungry For More”. Mel is a TEDx speaker, a podcast host, and an embodied leadership coach for women.

In this conversation, we dive into:

  • The importance of prioritising pleasure as a businesswoman.
  • How to achieve more with more spaciousness.
  • How to grow your business in feminine flow, and infusing feminine energy into your business.
  • How to connect to your sensuality on a daily basis.
  • The difference between integrated feminine and unintegrated feminine energetics.
  • How to keep the sexiness in your relationship alive despite having a busy life.

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Episode Notes

“What brings you pleasure in your business?”

  • The benefits of feminine flow in your business (04:06)
  • Prioritising the things that bring us pleasure (06:37)
  • The importance of bringing feminine flow into your business (10:26)
  • Integrated feminine vs Unintegrated feminine energetics (20:02)
  • How to own your sensuality and why you should not be afraid to embrace it (26:18)
  • Finding your power through spaciousness (31:54)
  • Being devoted to your own journey of liberation (39:35)
  • How to keep the sexiness in your relationship alive despite having a busy life (42:11)
  • Tips on leading from a space of deeper intuition in your business (47:27)
  • Find Mel and work with her (51:23)
  • What makes a leader sacred? (51:49)

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