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Ep50: Radical Vulnerability & Authentic Embodiment with Velan Cadden (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode, I am joined by Velan Cadden who is the co-founder and leader of the Sacred Seed Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica and Australia, an Embodiment Mentor, Martial Artist and devoted student of ancient wisdom through various traditions.

In this conversation, we dive into:

  • VULNERABILITY: What it is and what is not.
  • How to cultivate the courage and the feeling of safety within, to be able to step into true vulnerability.
  • Mastering your daily practice, embodiment, presence and connection to self.
  • Rising out of conflict in relationships and leadership; what is needed to do that and the impact that it can have in every single area in our lives.
  • One thing all ancient traditions teach, that has the power to improve every single area of our lives

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Episode Notes

“Truly becoming a clear channel is what helps you stand out in any industry that you want to lead in…”

  • The importance of radical vulnerability (03:16)
  • Radical vulnerability in leadership (09:58)
  • What true vulnerability is and what is not (15:53)
  • Authentic vulnerability vs performative vulnerability (24:25)
  • How to master your practice and connection to yourself and your presence (30:58)
  • Understanding the concept of ‘rising out of conflict’ (35:13)
  • One simple thing that you can start doing to support you to get more deeply in touch with your inner beasts, and master your ability to catch your patterns before “they play you” (42:23)
  • Some of the biggest lessons that Velan has learned through being initiated in various ancient traditions, that supports him in the way he lives and leads (48:49)
  • Find Velan and work with him (54:13)
  • What makes a leader sacred? (55:46)

Follow Velan:

  • Instagram: @velan_cadden

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