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Ep47: Cultivating true authenticity and self-worth to lead responsibly and with grace – with Jenna Phillips Ballard (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode I am joined by Jenna Phillips Ballard who is the co-founder of Ascension Leadership Academy (ALA) and a Leadership Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur.

We jam on all things authentic, responsible, and graceful leadership, and dive into topics like:

  • How to let go of your old identity to embrace what’s true for you now.
  • Stepping into ownership and authenticity.
  • Cultivating self-worth to believe you’re worthy of the things you yearn for.
  • Responsible leadership and leading with grace.

+ Other epic topics such as mindset shifts that allowed Jenna and I to attract better relationships into our lives!

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Episode Notes

“Nothing great can come from fear… when you love yourself and believe in yourself, you can create anything.”

  • Jenna’s biggest takeaways from transitioning her branding from “Unicorn” to “Conscious Empress (03:50)
  • Are you in alignment with your brand and message, or maybe attached to an old version of yourself and fearing change? (12:08)
  • How to become a stand for your own authentic self-expressed self (18:05)
  • How to overcome negative energies and how to become confident that you deserve what you want to achieve (24:28)
  • What does ‘responsible leadership’ and ‘living with grace’ mean? (37:47)
  • Things that can hinder us to lead with grace (51:38)
  • Find Jenna and work with her (56:23)
  • What makes a leader sacred? (57:00)

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