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Ep28: Inner-work applied to business success, and why focusing on strategy only, will limit your success. (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode, I share why it’s so crucial to do the inner work when wanting to start or grow your business, your income, your impact and your results.

I jam on some of the most common mistakes I see leaders and entrepreneurs do, in regards to what’s needed in order to be holistically successful. I also share some clear examples of how the inner work and everything that happens within us conditions our business and our ability to create the success that we desire, and some of the things you can start doing in order to achieve holistic success.

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Episode Notes

“Your business is a living entity. To make it thrive requires 80% of your mindset and 20% of the strategy.”

  • The relationship between inner work and business work (03:54)
  • My idea of REAL success  (06:20)
  • Examples of how the inner work will impact your success in business (09:17)
  • Stop thinking that your job/business has nothing to do with you, because it has EVERYTHING to do with you (18:30)
  • Holistic success (20:17)
  • Building success from a space of anchored purpose from deep integrity and deep integration of success (26:11)
  • Building bridges between business strategies and inner work is crucial (30:08)

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