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#72 Why Let HER Lead?

Episode Summary

In this potent & powerful first episode of my new “Let Her Lead” Podcast, I will introduce you all to the new context and the new essence that is behind this new rebranding. So much more than just another Podcast show, this new journey will be a sacred ceremony. I will talk you through the depth and intentionality that I’ll be bringing to each of the new episodes.

To kick this off, in Episode One we will discuss Emotional Armours. What wearing one looks like, and how they might be impacting your life, relationships, businesses, missions, leadership.. all of it. I will help you to identify if you might be wearing one, and what to do about it if you are.

“When I traded in mindset work for Somatic work.. when I added a deep spiritual component to my inner growth work, and when I committed to taking my emotional armour off, that’s when my life transformed completely”

In this solo episode, I dive into:

– What wearing emotional armour looks like (3:19)

-Meeting the embodied woman (12:06)

-Taking off my own emotional armour & the change this actioned (12:50)

-Allowing yourself to create the impact you came here to create. (15:39)

-The importance of creating from a space of safety (17:58)

-The gift of embodiment. Having me, knowing me, loving me, trusting me. (21:04)

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