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Ep9: Conscious Leadership and Ego Death with Victoria Bauman (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by Victoria Bauman. We both share a very similar passion -supporting world leaders to redefine leadership, wealth and success in this era- and in this conversation we dove into a big topic: What being a conscious leader in this world really means.

We also spoke about how to make integrity a daily practice, how to remain in a space of self-enquiry and how to embody both strong confidence and deep humility in order to tap into our truest potential as leaders.

That, plus a lot of our own personal stories around ego dead, psychedelic breath-work sessions and identity crisis!

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Episode Notes

“My brand is my integrity.”

  • Redefining Leadership (02:34)
  • Stop chasing the wrong goals and find your soul’s purpose (04:13)
  • How to be confident AND humble (07:28)
  • The feeling of unworthiness that gets in the way of authenticity and humility (08:42)
  • Choosing to be a stand for integrity as leaders (10:35)
  • Where is your work coming from? (11:51)
  • Conscious Leadership: the new paradigm(14:09)
  • Being in integrity as a daily practice (18:00)
  • Integrity Audit: what I discovered about myself (20:29)
  • Unpacking our beliefs and redefining what integrity means to us in each moment (23:23)
  • The power of BREATH WORK (25:00)
  • My personal experience with breath work (32:33)
  • How to find Victoria and work with her (35:10)
  • Recent ego deaths we’ve gone through! (36:44)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (37:50)

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