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Ep7: Living Life On Your Own Terms with Sunniva Holt (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by my friend Sunniva Holt, who is a woman I am deeply inspired by. She is a Mindset Coach, 2x Best-Selling Author and Speaker who embodies what it means to truly live life on your own terms.

In this episode we jam on all things living unapologetically; from her journey to becoming a self-made multi-millionaire that supports women to have it all, to what are the most common limiting beliefs and habits that get in people’s way to success and how to overcome them, in order to build powerful leadership.

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Episode Notes

“Time is our greatest wealth”

  • Sunniva’s story from living in an isolated part of New Zealand, being brought up home-schooled and in an extreme religious environment, to becoming a world leader (2:03)
  • What igniting your inner fire can do for you and why is it so important (6:13)
  • What builds powerful leadership (7:59)
  • Three things that will support you in being present and showing up powerfully to all areas of your life (9:26)
  • Motherhood is leadership and your children will learn from who you BE (11:31)
  • How to find a good work and life balance to HAVE IT ALL (12:09)
  • How to prioritise things in a way that helps you have the life and business you desire (14:09)
  • Believing that you get to live life in your own terms and TALL POPPY SYNDROME (16:07)
  • MINDSET is the thing that will change your business, not STRATEGY (19:29)
  • Three top limiting beliefs that stop people in business from accessing the next level (20:32)
  • Overcoming the “not enough” story to step into powerful leadership (22:39)
  • Wealth consciousness – why being abundant it is your birthright and your obligation (25:56)
  • Powerful lessons from Burning Man that should be applied to business (29:47)
  • How to work with Sunniva (33:51)
  • What makes leadership sacred (34:44)

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