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Ep69: Returning to wholeness and reconnecting to the unseen realms – with Hellè Weston (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In today’s episode I am joined by Hellè Weston, an Intuitive Coach, Mentor and Co-founder of the Owaken Breathwork. Her unique inside out approach supports sensitive visionaries and creatives to increase their impact in the world by prioritising personal alignment and leading with intuition.

In this conversation, we dive deep into:

  • The journey of returning to wholeness.
  • The unseen world, channeling, plant medicine and accessing altered states of consciousness.
  • Holistic healing modalities and ancient wisdom.
  • How to support ourselves in the healing journey.
  • The powerful properties of breathwork.
  • Somatic embodiment, the spirit world and trauma healing.
  • How to bring a practical, relevant and grounded approach to our spiritual and healing journey.

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Episode Notes

“Healing is not just about deleting a way of being, sometimes it’s about opening up a choice.”

  • The effect of disconnection and losing touch with what’s most natural to us (5:02)
  • Creating “right relationships” (10:33)
  • Hellè’s experience with breathwork (17:15)
  • The powerful properties of breathwork (20:23)
  • Digging deeper with trauma, somatic embodiment and the spirit world (25:28)
  • Hellè’s experience with self compassion and her healing journey (33:07)
  • How to best show up for ourselves in our healing journey (42:12)
  • Returning to wholeness (48:06)
  • How to bring a practical, relevant and grounded approach to our spiritual and healing journey (54:13)
  • Being genuine in the personal development industry (1:12:19)
  • The tools we’ve used to support our healing and growth (1:19:40)
  • Working with Hellè Weston (1:29:19)
  • What makes a leader sacred? (1:31:05)


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