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Ep5: “Innerpreneurship” with Sam Lewis (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

In this episode I am joined by my friend Sam Lewis, who is a Conscious Serial Entrepreneur, a Business Coach and a Lifestyle Designer. We jam on all things spirituality and business, from how and why he changed his luxurious life in New Zealand for a veggie farm in Vanuatu; redefining success, the power of nurturing spirituality in business and how to powerfully manifest.

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Episode Notes

“The big thing with the journey within is that the things we continually chase, they become just irrelevant.”

  • Sam’s story from starting as an entrepreneur at the age of 19 and becoming a 7 figure business owner, to moving to Vanuatu and living in a farm while his business work for him (02:48)
  • When doing the inner work makes material things become irrelevant (5:00)
  • Why Vanuatu (6:02)
  • Re-defining success (08:07)
  • The big thing with the journey within is that external things become irrelevant (09:55)
  • When do you know it’s time to take the leap?(10:27)
  • The impact of being raised in an spiritual household and biggest lessons taken from it (13:40)
  • WHY and HOW nurturing our spiritual practice and help us create more SUCCESS and make our LEADERSHIP more meaningful (17:33)
  • Mastering manifestation (18:37)
  • Pushing things VS Surrendering (21:10)
  • “Discipline is freedom” and how to learn to surrender when our mind is attached to an outcome (22:23)
  • Spirituality brings depth, meaning and power to our leadership (24:32)
  • “Don’t allow perfect to be the enemy of perfect” (33:08)
  • How to find Sam and how to work with him (34:33)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (38:51)


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