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Ep3: Mystic Leadership with Michelle Jeovanny (episode from Sacred Leaders)

Episode Summary

Michelle Jeovanny is a Serial Entrepreneur, Mystic, Speaker, Author and a dear friend. In this episode, we go all in and share how Michelle went from zero to seven figures while remaining grounded in her spiritual alignment. We speak about how cultivating and trusting your connection to source and your intuition can guide you towards success, and how to master your shadows and lead with integrity.

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Episode Notes

“Trust that there is a success recipe in your madness.”

  • Michelle’s story – From running from an abusive household and living in the streets of NYC to being a 7 figure serial entrepreneur (04:06)
  • Michelle’s biggest takeaway from her incredible journey (10:21)
  • Trust there is a success recipe in your madness (11:04)
  • How to start trusting your intuition (12:47)
  • Some times we don’t need to learn more; we just a bit less of everything (14:14)
  • Cultivating a relationship with something that’s greater than us (14:42)
  • How to deal with the responsibility and stress than having multiple business can mean, being grounded and in alignment (15:51)
  • Ask Spirit to lead the way (17:51)
  • We get to bridge business and spirituality – the world calls for it (18:23)
  • We don’t need to fear money (22:12)
  • How having an spiritual practice has transformed Michelle’s life, business and leadership, and what it too can do for you (22:49)
  • Being discerning with what we consume and being in integrity with the work (24:53)
  • Mastering our shadows and leaning into our edges to find our genius (26:25)
  • Expanding your capacity to hold space for others through making peace with and loving your shadow (29:25)
  • Feeling safe to lead with integrity (30:38)
  • “Integrity is honouring yourself as an extension of God” (34:53)
  • The most spiritual thing you can do is working on self-acceptance (36:33)
  • Remembering the urgency of life to really live life NOW (37:53)
  • Practicing gratitude to bring more presence and abundance into our lives (42:30)
  • Lessons from Burning Man (44:58)
  • What makes leadership sacred? (51:24)

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